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Estrela Acesa: Demos & Alternates EP
Mexican Summer
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August 10, 2023
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    320 kbps, LAME-encoded

Estrela Acesa: Demos

Estrela Acesa: Demos & Alternates EP is a unique window into the songwriting process of Sessa's 2022 record, Estrela Acesa. Joining Sessa on a journey that gently reaches out in the dark for the layers that would go on to form the record, the listener can detect the foundational ideas (roughly put together through percussion loops, midi strings and piano harmonies) that were to become the orchestrations, the songwriting itself, the singing: The very first pleasures of seeing the ideas surface into something palpable.

Ranging from 2020 to 2021, the demos explore different recording processes via cassette, computers, phones and tape machines that flourished in makeshift studios in Sessa's home country of Brazil via Downtown São Paulo, Gonçalves, Ilhabela then stretching over to the US in Jackson Heights, Upstate New York and Jersey City. The finished work puts a peaceful end to an erratic search for something, and blurs all that actually happened, giving the EP a beautiful opportunity to look back at the process.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Gostar do Mundo (Demo) 3:19 Buy

    Gostar do Mundo (Demo)

  2. 2 Canção da Cura (Demo) 3:08 Buy

    Canção da Cura (Demo)

  3. 3 Vento a Favor (Demo) 1:15 Buy

    Vento a Favor (Demo)

  4. 4 Pele da Esfera (Alternate) 2:39 Buy

    Pele da Esfera (Alternate)

  5. 5 Irmão de Nuvem (Demo) 3:14 Buy

    Irmão de Nuvem (Demo)

  6. 6 Dor Fodida (Demo) 3:04 Buy

    Dor Fodida (Demo)

  7. 7 Gostar do Mundo (Alternate) 2:30 Buy

    Gostar do Mundo (Alternate)

  8. 8 Ponta de Faca (Demo) ft. СОЮЗ 2:57 Buy

    Ponta de Faca (Demo) ft. СОЮЗ



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