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Outside This Life 1968–76
Jimmer Glynn & Alan Rackin
Anthology Recordings
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Release Date
9 Dezember 2020

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In 1966, Jimmer Glynn and Alan Rackin met at high school in their hometown of Livingston, New Jersey. Bonding over their love of The Beatles, Jimmer and Alan formed a band and made a pact to pursue their music professionally, under a spell that only enchants young dreamers.

Owing to the same magic, the duo landed an audition with Apple Records in 1970 on the back of a demo submission. When they touched down in London, they were met enthusiastically by the label’s press officer, Derek Taylor, and somehow wrote and recorded ten new songs during their short time across the pond. Days later, Paul McCartney announced his departure from The Beatles, and the duo’s hopes, and demos, were dashed by the news that the label had limited the signing of new artists. On their return to the US, they continued to play and record, but they parted ways later that year—Alan went to college, while Jimmer recorded and submitted more demos to record labels.

After reuniting for sessions throughout 1973 and 1974, they landed a contract with Mohawk, a small record label in New York. They set out to record their debut album in 1975, but due to disagreements with the sound engineer, the record was abandoned by Mohawk and never completed. Jimmer and Alan’s professional collaboration came to an end as well.

Outside This Life compiles ten songs recorded by Jimmer and Alan from inception to conclusion, newly mastered and available digitally for the first time. The songs featured on Outside This Life move deftly between country funk, protest folk, and sunshine pop, showcasing their mastery over instrument while forefronting their brilliant songwriting. While these songs mostly elevate their talent and comfort working under the influences, Jimmer and Alan were not afraid to vulnerably reflect on false hopes that they encountered on their quest for success.

Although Jimmer and Alan’s music never reached a wide audience during the heyday of their recording, the connection between the two musicians stands alongside many other classic songwriting duos of the era and ilk. Outside This Life is an ode to that chemistry of friendship and the power of youthful zeal, and a long-deserved celebration of their life’s work.

Digitale Titelliste

  1. 1 A Storm In The Night 3:09 Kaufen

    A Storm In The Night

  2. 2 Until Tomorrow 2:49 Kaufen

    Until Tomorrow

  3. 3 Things That Are Happening Today 3:25 Kaufen

    Things That Are Happening Today

  4. 4 Country Boy / And The Shame Of It All 9:40 Kaufen

    Country Boy / And The Shame Of It All

  5. 5 Home Home 2:42 Kaufen

    Home Home

  6. 6 Taking Me Home 2:42 Kaufen

    Taking Me Home

  7. 7 Outside This Life 3:04 Kaufen

    Outside This Life

  8. 8 Dark And Bloody Ground 3:50 Kaufen

    Dark And Bloody Ground

  9. 9 Pretty Lady 4:22 Kaufen

    Pretty Lady

  10. 10 Goodbye 3:04 Kaufen
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