Xander Duell

Experimental Tape 2, Vol. 1

April 28, 2011 Mexican Summer

It’s going to take more than the space provided here to sum up the ideas and talent of NYC’s Xander Duell, who has fused decades’ worth of nuance into these thirteen songs on Experimental Tape No 2, Vol. 1. The implication in the title of this one is at least somewhat correct in that the experimental nature of Duell’s music rears its head in style and content atop songwriting that touches the emotional core without hesitation or regret. There is joy and sadness here, electronics and guitars, grandeur alongside the neon-lit sleaze. Calibrate your expectations appropriately on this one, but be prepared to have them shattered by this outsider work, in the spirit of Scott Walker’s numbered albums and the prime cut of ‘70s soft rock.

LP $15.00
MP3 $8.99
1 Dash  
2 Live & Learn  
3 Diamonds Are Dizzy  
4 Emma Baby PLAY  
5 Good Morning Rhode Island  
6 [Square]  
7 Kathy's Clown  
8 Limbo  
9 X (I Don't Wanna Go Home)  
10 Eyeball (Obama Wins Mississippi)  
11 Big River  
12 F is For Flapp  
13 Denver Mourning