Wooden Shjips

"Contact" b/w "I Hear The Vibrations"

May 12, 2009 Mexican Summer

Contact – a brand new slab for 2009 from SF’s incomparable Wooden Shjips, a modern day answer to space rockers like Hawkwind, F/i, or just the good parts of Van der Graaff Generator. This band helped to kick off the modern small-press vinyl revival by giving away their debut 10” EP (now a sought-after collectors’ piece) and eking out limited releases one at a time since 2005. In between albums (their full-length, Dos, now out on the righteous Holy Mountain label), the band has cooked up a two-song EP of colossal proportions for Mexican Summer. “Contact” is a cover of a Serge Gainsbourg classic, made famous by Brigitte Bardot way back when. The Shjips update with their patented thousand yard psych-cosmos stare, transposing the original’s freakbeat tendencies with a Krautrock bassline and a transcendental wander that’ll put you in the zone, every time. Once there, chill out even harder to the “EZ Version” of original “I Hear the Vibrations,” which originally appeared on the back of their most recent UK tour 7” single. This version is preferable; it’s slower, grander, heavier, and dreamier, and takes full advantage of the 12” format for better fidelity and a truly blissful listening experience.

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2 I Hear The Vibrations (EZ Version)