Weyes Blood

White T-Shirt

Mexican Summer

This Weyes Blood T-shirt features a silkscreened white Anvil graphic with teal ink, specially designed for Weyes Blood’s European tour. Quantities are limited, so act quickly!

Not dissimilar to the work of Henry James, Weyes Blood presents a series of musical interludes, free for you to interpret but poised to elicit a raw emotional response. Does her music sound haunted to you, then, because it evokes memories that trigger our own fears, or do you honestly believe that there is a ghost dictating her every turn? As Mering stated in a recent interview, her work’s “creepiness … is only as intentional as you think it is.” To her, this is the only form of expression: laid bare, deeply connected to the past, and miles away from anything else you’re likely to hear in music today.