Weyes Blood

Seven Words

August 10, 2016 Mexican Summer

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The paradox of Weyes Blood’s “Seven Words” is to be found in its comforting, immediate melody; the song feels like home, like an earthly domain to which one can return. Natalie Mering’s vocal performance is both intimate and theatrical, rising and falling above and below the organ that trembles throughout the song, while co-producer Chris Cohen’s drumming is at its most subtle and sweet.

Lyrically, however, and at its core, the song is an expression of that eternal need to leave, to cut ties—the need for the seeker to abandon and explore. To pair off and find peace, to co-depend, though perhaps the most naturally mammalian tendency, limits the seeker, keeps her from “facing tomorrow” alone and in her own truth. The seven words of the song’s title form a sentence, an absent sentence, both an apology for and explanation of the ways we leave, what we leave behind.

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