Weyes Blood

Do You Need My Love

September 7, 2016 Mexican Summer

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Weyes Blood’s “Do You Need My Love” struggles with impossible love, and the feedback loop that such a love engenders: the harder to grasp, the easier to let oneself slide into unchecked romance. The always-unequal balance of love between human beings is illuminated here, but Front Row Seat To Earth’s other defining concept, namely our relationship with the earth, casts the song simultaneously as a more global parable.

Should we love the earth? Are our environmentalist movements, our too-late realizations, nothing but hubris in the face of a planet that, though it created us, feels nothing, can feel nothing, in return? The earth here is a cold, beautiful thing, a lover that neither recognizes us nor truly cares to hold us close; it does not need us like we need it.

“Do You Need My Love” is a stunningly powerful, straightforward song of unrequited love, but truly blossoms as a work of literary music when it is read doubly. And despite its multiply-exposed lyrical message, the song is perennial, passionate, smooth: a Zombies-style psychedelic pop song, or a medieval Harry Nilsson track, so classically beautiful that it carries its ambiguities like breeze and sunlight on its face. “Do you need me the way I need you?” One hears the answer in the question.

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