Viva L'American Death Ray Music

Behold! A Pale Horse

September 14, 2010 Mexican Summer

Brainchild of Memphis native Nicholas Ray (also a former member of Golden Triangle, ’68 Comeback and the Limes), Viva L’American Death Ray Music has been chugging along since the late ‘90s, pushing against the walls of VU-inspired garage choogle into abstract dimensions reminiscent of the Fall, and moreover of late’70s/early ‘80s UK DIY rock, punk, and experimental music. Clouds of synth, hiss and fuzz gracefully frame their hybrid glam/punk/dub sounds across five full-lengths, with a new one, Miles of Smiles / Towns of Frowns, out now via Mexican Summer. Behold! A Pale Horse features four original tracks: the persistant, galloping “One Hour,” the blazed-out “I’m Killer Yelo” (remixing a track from their double LP Sangre Libre), the coldwave-inspired menace of “Out of the Pink,” and the chiming, guitar-based instrumental “Behold! Pt. 1.” Like all of their releases, Behold! A Pale Horse is but one small piece of the VL’ADRM puzzle, and your frantic search to complete will reward you with an understanding of one of the most interesting and exciting bands on the underside of American garage rock in the past two decades.

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1 One Hour  
2 I Am Killer Yello  
3 Out of the Pink PLAY  
4 Behold! Pt. 1