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January 23, 2007 Kemado

“Welcome to my room and welcome to my mind.”

We are proud to present the brand new lush symphonic opus of Brooklyn’s own VietNam. Introducing a fresh sound, this self-titled debut full-length album is their most complete and exciting piece of work to date. Be ready to engage in an intense cathartic and refreshingly original rock journey.

VietNam are four good friends who affectionately make up a loosely defined family in the communal comforts of Brooklyn, living together in the same house with an open door headquarters aesthetic. Lead vocalist/ rhythm guitarist Michael Gerner, lead guitarist Josh Grubb, Michael Foss on drums, complete the band with new member Ivan Berko on bass.

Newly signed to Kemado Records, the band’s album was recorded at legendary Los Angeles studios Sound City and Sound Factory (100% analog) and produced by “Farmer Dave” Scher (Beachwood Sparks, All Night Radio), Mickey Madden (Maroon5) and Jason Lader. VietNam have also enlisted a number of fun allies to their plate of gonzo jams, including cameos by Jenny Lewis, Paz Lenchantin, the Future Pigeon horn section, and Jesse Carmichael to name a few.

Album opener “Step On Inside” is a justifiable representation of VietNam’s growth and dirt on guitar magic. Vocalist Gerner has never sounded stronger and his brooding lyrics are myths filled with shady characters. Fusing Spritualized soaked blues with the hypnotic smoke of Lou Reed, VietNam’s sonic depths jump from the belly of Roky Erickson to cast a spell and shake your soul.

Staking new ambitious ground is no easy feat and VietNam triumph their trippy confrontation with grace.

“a freewheeling record, with dashes of Sixties psychedelia and skronk-y noise — and open-armed singalongs, to boot” — ROLLING STONE (Feature 1/27/07)

“the debut full-length from this Brooklyn quartet just may be the new classic rock epic we’ve all been waiting for”¦Tune in and turn on, but don’t drop out until you’ve fully embraced this album.” — HARP (Review 2/07)

“driving, psychedelic rock”¦sometimes trippy, often catchy and always captivating.” — WASHINGTON POST (Feature 12/15/06)

“an album of surprisingly lush and tender country-soul hymns” — PITCHFORK (Review 1/16/07)

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1 Step On Inside  
2 Priest, Poet & The Pig  
3 Apocalypse  
4 Mr. Goldfinger  
5 Toby  
6 Gabe  
7 Welcome To My Room  
8 Hotel Riverview  
9 Summer In The City  
10 Too Tired