The Young

Voyagers of Legend

May 13, 2010 Mexican Summer

Voyagers of Legend – the debut full-length from this Austin rock four-piece The Young exchanges the raucous pop-punk of the band’s earliest days for something all their own. These are tightly wound missives shot directly into the dirt and allowed to slump, revealing a brace of heartbroken, doggedly determined punk rock ballads, jagged and rough, crying into their beers at the end of the bar. Songs this specific in mood and motive, with parts as anthemic and righteous, haven’t been heard since GBV hung it up. Hell, they sound like the Mice if they were on Factory; proud, shaken anthems that stay with you in the dark.

MP3 $14.00
1 Captive Chains  
2 Quintana The Killer  
3 Phoebis Cluster  
4 Bird In The Bush PLAY  
5 Smiling God  
6 Sunburst  
7 Nancy Sleeps  
8 Voices Revealed  
9 Half Moon Burning