The Miracles Club

A New Love

March 8, 2010 Mexican Summer

Hallelujah! A New LoveMiracles Club is the brainchild of Rafael Fauria & Honey Owens (Valet, Nudge, Jackie-O Motherfucker). In yet another left turn from the inherent psychedelia of those projects, this new EP presents four excessively blissful, thumpety piano-led acid house time machine numbers, reminiscent of the late ‘80s/early ‘90s, the Hacienda, late-period Factory Records, big pants, Soul II Soul, shopping at the Gap, Coogi sweaters, Stu-Stu-Studio Line hair gel and mousse, Lisa Stanisfield’s spitcurl ”¦ you get it, right? Owens is assisted here by Mark Burden (Silentist) and Jonathan Sielaff (Golden Retriever), and there’s a dancer in the mix for live performances too. So cool, confident and energetic, you can relive the glory days of clubbing and that awesome, fruity smell that cassette tapes you bought (or racked!) at the mall record store had when you first took off the cellophane.

12" $14.00
MP3 $3.99
1 A New Love  
2 Summer of Love  
3 Church Song PLAY  
4 Can You Feel It