The Fever

In The City of Sleep

May 2, 2006 Kemado Records

NYC’s The Fever‘s In The City of Sleep is the sound of a Fellini-esque circus world melding with David Lynch style 21st Century film noir and junkyard beats creating a surreal dark urban universe full of rock n’ roll nightmares and lullabies of lost innocence. A sonic roller coaster for the most adventurous of listeners, it was recorded by maverick producer/engineer Steve Rivette (Beastie Boys, Dr. John, Black Dice).

The band features exotic instrumentation including: pump organ, xylophone, marimba, and brake drum into the mix and bears the mark of singer Geremy Jasper’s unfettered lyrical and sonic imagination and drummer Achilles Tzoulafis’ jaw dropping drumming.

A 16 track epic, ‘Sleep’ is as melodic as it is menacing while drawing a line between the Bad Seeds and the Beach Boys. It is an album of wild mood swings featuring: the psychedelic cabaret of “Waiting for the Centipede,” the epic lullaby   “Little Lamb”.” The spoken word haunted highway of “Eyes On the Road”, the lo fi Cuban funk of “Do the Tramp” the midway melancholy of “Circus Girl,” plus songs that bear the Fever’s classic spastic energy like first single “Redhead” and “Hotel Fantom” and much much more.

In the City of Sleep shows off original artwork by Jasper whose hallucinatory collaged dream worlds match the sound beautifully. An album rich with details and surprises its strange charms unfold after multiple listenings, so turn off the lights and experience the festival of ferris wheel rock

MP3 $9.99
CD $10.00
1 Waiting For The Centipede  
2 Secret  
3 Crying Wolf  
4 Magnus  
5 Gypsy Cab/Down On Dog Street  
6 Little Lamb & The Shiny Silver Bullets  
7 Do The Tramp  
8 Betty Blue  
9 Eyes On The Road  
10 Circus Girl  
11 Hotel Fantom  
12 Pink Smoke  
13 Mr. Baby  
14 Yr Fool