The Black Ryder

Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride

May 13, 2010 Mexican Summer

With auspicious sensual textured layers of melody and guitars, both Scott Von Ryper and chanteuse Miss Aimee Nash (also known as The Black Ryder) weave a densely rich tapestry of love, sex and death, mountains, oceans and astral travel. They indicate the way to the heart of life the centre of our humanity in ritual space, in crafted chords, in veiled waves of sonic tone and drone. Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride is rich dangerous opiated swirling attacks on the third eye lysergic and lupine in equal measure. Once drawn in by this perfume its essence stays.

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1 To Never Know You  
2 Let It Go  
3 Grass  
4 Outside  
5 Gone Without Feeling PLAY  
6 The Greatest Fall  
7 What's Forsaken  
8 All That We Can See  
9 Sweet Come Down  
10 Burn And Fade  
11 Rise