The Waves

September 21, 2010 Mexican Summer

Following a spate of EPs and singles comes the debut album by Tamaryn, entitled The Waves.

After collaborating with producer Rex John Shelverton (ex-Vue/The Audience/Portraits of Past), Tamaryn left New York and settled in Rex’s hometown of San Francisco to record their first full-length. Whereas Tamaryn’s earlier material was rooted in traditional goth-psych overtones, The Waves represents an incredible step forward in terms of her approach. These nine songs combine driving pop and lush balladry with layered, guitar-driven ethereal atmospheres, against which Tamaryn’s voice, languid and restrained, melts against its surface.

The Waves is a masterful collision of hypnotic psychedelia and bittersweet dream pop.

LP $15.00
CD $7.00
MP3 $7.99
1 The Waves  
2 Choirs of Winter  
3 Love Fade PLAY  
4 Haze Interior  
5 Sandstone  
6 Coral Flower  
7 Dawning  
8 Cascades  
9 Mild Confusion