Hands All Over Me

April 28, 2015 Mexican Summer

At once Tamaryn’s most direct lyrical tale, and a steep departure from her previous efforts, “Hands All Over Me” (from her new album Cranekiss) glides along a confident, pulsing electronic rhythm, pitch-bent samples that resemble orchestra hits, and bubbly lead synth bells, framing a passionate set of lyrics that leave no doubt to the listener what she expects (“Do everything I like/Lift me up/I’m holding you tight”) and what they need to know in her presence (“I’m never gonna change/So just keep that in mind”). Resting between industrial and late ‘80s/early ‘90s pop as it harbored influences from both hip hop and club industrial music, “Hands All Over Me” doubles as soundtrack work for the softcore mind loops sleazing up your mind.

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1 Hands All Over Me