Tairiq & Garfield

Childhood Swing

February 24, 2015 Software

Childhood Swing is the debut release from twin brothers Tairiq & Garfield, who, with Software labelmate Napolian, form the bourgeoning production team The Renaissance Music Group.

Although Tairiq & Garfield grew up in the Pasadena neighborhood of Los Angeles, they spent their childhood in a state of migratory flux, surfing couches with music as the only constant. From the get-go the twins were exposed to the recording studio by their father, a founding member of R&B group Shai, and their mother, a rapper on Easy-E’s Ruthless Records imprint.

Tairiq & Garfield now carry on their parents’ musical legacy. Inspired by science fiction and computational funk,  Childhood Swing is an meticulously crafted speedrun through their labyrinthine world of sound. A sense of songcraft and melody permeates the twins’ ultra steely and teched-out production perimeter, generating an awesome contrast between the pacific and the cryptic.

Not unlike labelmate Huerco S.’s smudged club topographies and Napolian’s epic sense of instrumental narrative, Tairiq & Garfield always tell a story through synthesis. In this way, we see the continuum of The Renaissance Music Group’s sound stretching back to synth heroes such as Drexciya, Egyptian Lover and Danny Wolfers — producers who convey electronic music’s secret messages.

There are dance floor aspects to tracks like “Childhood Swing” and “Swept Over The Rug”. The G Funk influence on “By The Bay” is evident as well (something else they share in common with Napolian). However, T&G are generally so idiosyncratic that it’s hard to break down Childhood Swing into archetypes. Simply put, most of the record is a head-scratcher — a mutated transmission of styles toyed with and bent into new forms born out of individuated futurism.

We at Software often borrow terminology from cybernetics in a descriptive way. Rather than thinking of it as an area of technical inquiry or as a dystopian science fiction motif, we consider it a optimistic poetic language that offers us speculative inroads into what it means to transform. Childhood Swing is an incredible first look at Tairiq & Garfield / The Renaissance Group’s own transformation into the bright, young leaders of the new school of cyberfunk.

EP $12.00
MP3 $5.99
2 The Treatment  
3 Talking II  
4 Swept Over the Rug  
5 By the Bay  
6 Childhood Swing