"Modern Bride" b/w "Chump Change"

July 26, 2011 Kemado Records

In between their first LP Cruising and their forthcoming follow-up Still Cruising, Pittsburgh’s SLICES started letting their rock ‘n’ roll side show a bit more. Here was still the same band that threaded hardcore through the encrusted needle of noise rock and remained unscathed, relying on intense rhythms and well-developed compositional skills to turn the music into something stranger, more maniacal and altogether dangerous to leave unattended. These two songs tear into rock music with a rowdy malevolence, riffin’ hard and yellin’ until the blood comes out Greg Mantooth’s ragged throat. Ex-members of BRAIN HANDLE, ROT SHIT and WARZONE WOMYN. Home Blitz’s Daniel DiMaggio guests on “Modern Bride.” Summer jam contender on “Chump Change,” a perfect song for people who’d rather hit people with a skateboard than use it to get around.

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1 Modern Bride  
2 Chump Change