Comma Sutra

March 25, 2014 Software

Slava is a rare gem among the recent crop of American underground producers. His interpretation of Chicago’s miasmal jack-verse blends ghetto house ferocity with a singular melodic beauty and frantic, 21st century sexual ambiguities.

Slava turns his focus away from the darker footwork deconstructions of 2013’s Raw Solutions to a more playful, colorful palette on the  Comma Sutra EP. Adorned with provocative cover art by Analisa Teachworth, glowing melodies and club credentials, Comma Sutra is Slava’s most assured work to date.

Swinging house melodies sashay effortlessly across the mix, bolstered by warped, rubbery basslines and barebone, raw-n-ready beats. When Slava invokes grimier spirits, it feels unfettered and ruthlessly effective — the genre’s teeth-gritting menace balanced with melting synth leads and a lean compositional structure.

Arriving on the heels of so many dark, brooding productions from his peers, Comma Sutra is a revelation, a record which both rips the club apart and allows you to relax and flow.

Comma Sutra is available in digital form via Software Recording Co.

MP3 $3.99
1 Position  
2 Better  
3 Lotus  
4 Clique  
5 Huge Pipes