Into Abaddon

January 21, 2008 Kemado

The seven songs on Saviours Into Abaddon were realized by producer Joe Barresi over the summer of 2007 in Los Angeles, CA. Having produced bands such as Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, and the Melvins, Barresi’s efforts assist the catapulting of Saviours into the upper echelon of metallic luminaries. “Joe blew our minds every day,” remarks drummer and principal songwriter Scott Batiste of his abilities. “He’s a tone master, and really gets into the bands he works with, to the point where he almost served as a new member in the studio. Our last few records captured what we sounded like live at the times in which they were made, but Joe was able to conceptualize that sound and make it even more powerful.”

Into Abaddon was written in a stressful period of chaos within the ranks of the band, some of whom were homeless and bouncing between friends’ couches and floors, chasing down their demons in between high-profile tours here and abroad with the likes of Mastodon, The Sword, Red Sparowes and Doomriders. “We had two songs written when we signed with Kemado,” remarked Batiste, who authors all of Saviours songs on mega-distorted bass, his rationale being that “if it sounds good through really thick, fucked-up bass, it’ll sound even better coming from all of us.”

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