Saviours Deaths Procession


Death's Procession

September 20, 2011 Kemado Records

The main influence on this album was to go back to where Saviours started – Sabbath, Maiden, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy… The whole record is a trek through Earth’s demise which everyone contributes to, oblivious or not. It’s a procession toward death. The world has gone insane. Humans have become apathetic, greedy, self-centered, over-medicated, delusional parasites in a filthy, drained and deflated world. It’s hopeless now, too far gone. Now we wait. That’s what this record is about. Earth’s possession and death’s procession.

Death’s Procession was recorded by Phil Manley (of Trans Am and The Fucking Champs) at Lucky Cat in San Francisco.

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1 The Eye Obscene  
2 To the Grave Possessed  
3 Fire of Old  
4 Earthen Dagger  
5 Crete'n  
6 Gods End  
7 Earth's Possession & Death's Procession  
8 Walk to the Light