Saviours Accelerated Living


Accelerated Living

October 27, 2009 Kemado

Rampaging Oakland, CA metal quartet SAVIOURS recorded their new album in San Francisco’s Lucky Cat Recording Studios with Producer Phil Manley (of Trans Am / The Fucking Champs). Set for an October 27, 2009 release date, SAVIOURS album ACCELERATED LIVING features “insanely dynamic” songs boasting passages containing “three part guitar harmonies”. The record will feature the forcible lineup of guitarist / vocalist Austin Barber, bassist Cyrus Comiskey drummer Scott Batiste and guitarist Sonny Reinhardt (ex-Watch Them Die), who joined the band in 2008. When asked for comment, Batiste asserted, “We just got back from ravaging Europe, playing the whole new album every night.   With Sonny joining us, the tempos and guitar work have definitely been cranked up a few notches, though the heaviness is still intact.   The new jams are road toughened and more killer than we could have imagined.”

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1 Acid Hand  
2 We Roam  
3 F.G.T.  
4 Livin' In The Void  
5 Burning Cross  
6 Slave To The Hex  
7 The Rope Of Carnal Knowledge  
8 Apocalypse World Split  
9 Eternal High