Quilt In Marfa

September 2, 2014 Mexican Summer

Quilt in Marfa – In March 2014 Quilt performed at Mexican Summer’s inaugural festival in Marfa, Texas. The remote town, which is renowned for its unique and otherworldly atmosphere, provided a perfect setting for performance and experimentation. During their stay, Quilt spent an entire day holed up in a small recording studio located near the Chinati Arts Foundation. Surrounded by sun-baked earth, cracked courtyards and cacti, the four-piece set fourth of their existing recordings live to reel – then left the tape running.

The resulting sounds provide an honest capsule to the time and place they were captured. Presented as a suite, the band’s live sense of flow is perfectly realized and untethered: “Mary Mountain” and “The World is Flat” taken from sophomore album Held In Splendor, breathe, move and shimmer with a palpable new energy. “As We Follow” (“Arctic Shark” b-side) and “Milo”, from their debut album, close things out, and find new pathways in their expanded, exploratory formats. The recording finishes with a 25-minute free-form improvisation that manages to sonically echo the landscape in which it was captured – beautiful, gnarled and mirage-like.

It’s not uncommon to form a band while in college, and that is exactly what Quilt did. Its primary members, Shane Butler and Anna Fox Rochinski (as well as Taylor Mcvay—who plays on much of the record, but has since left the band amicably) were all visual art students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, but bonded over their mutual love of weird, experimental jams and classic pop harmonies. John Andrews joined the band as drummer after opening for every Quilt show on tour in 2009. Butler grew up in a “spiritual community with a lot of musical chanting” and Rochinski was “doing classical singing in choirs that had a lot of crazy harmonies. There’s a lot of repetitive, almost mantra stuff in our songs,” she adds. Quilt is a band with strong roots that formed at the apex of the point in your life when you’re thinking about your own art and what it all means.

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1 Mary Mountain - The World Is Flat - As We Follow  
2 Milo