Part Time

What Would You Say?

June 5, 2011 Mexican Summer

What Would You Say? – Captivating bedroom pop with a karaoke video/soft haze filter on it that collapses the textural dimensions of music to an appealing, shiny finish. The music of Part Time owes a debt to ‘80s movie scores, neon lights, fog machines and nightlife, a generous sampling of New Romance in a post-capitalist world, its heart going out to everyone who hasn’t abandoned their silk shirts in favor of more practical attire. The home studio shell and canned dynamics of Part Time quickly dissolve to reveal some serious jammers in the midst, the image of a man pouring his heart out into the psychotropic fronds of the lounge at the Venusian Holiday Inn. Pour yourself a yard of liquid acid and float along.

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1 Thunderbolts of Love  
2 I Wanna Take You Out  
3 Living in Pretend (My Girl Imagination)  
4 She's Got the Right  
5 In This Filthy City PLAY  
6 What Would You Say?  
7 Hey Karen  
8 Riots in the Streets  
9 19  
10 She's Playing With Your Mind  
11 Cassie (Won't You Be My Doll)