Oneohtrix Point Never

Rifts (Single LPs)

November 19, 2012 Software

2012’s Rifts compiled Oneohtrix Point Never’s (aka Daniel Lopatin) first three full albums alongside a crop of rare and out-of-print CDR and cassette material in a deluxe, five LP vinyl box set. Following the success of this sold-out one-time release, we are pleased to present all five LPs for sale individually. Each LP includes a digital download code.

Betrayed In The Octagon:
Originally released on CS, Deception Island, 2007. Subsequently released on LP in an edition of 300 copies by No Fun Productions, March 2009.

Zones Without People:
Original LP Released in two editions of 500 by Arbor, August 2009.

Russian Mind:
Original LP released in an edition of 500 by No Fun Productions, November 2009.

Drawn And Quartered:
Track 1 originally released on an OPN/Outer Space split CS (Arbor, 2009). Track 2 originally released on ‘Ruined Lives’ CS (Young Tapes, 2008). Track 3 and 4 originally released on ‘Transmat Memories’ CS (Taped Sounds 2008). Track 5 and 6 originally released on ‘A Pact Between Strangers’ CDR (Gneiss Things, 2008). Track 7 originally released on ‘Young Beidnahga’ CDR (Ruralfuane, 2009).

The Fall Into Time:
Tracks 1 and 6 originally released on ‘KGB Nights/Blue Drive’ CS (Catholic Tapes, 2009). Track 2 recorded at Issue Project Room, April 21, 2009, originally released on ‘Scenes With Curved Objects’ CS (Utmarken, 2009). Tracks 3 and 5 originally released on Caboladies / Oneohtrix Point Never split CS (NNA Tapes, 2009). Track 4 aired on rare frequency, WZBC 90.3 FM on July 23, 2009, originally released on ‘Scenes With Curved Objects’ CS (Utmarken, 2009).

Betrayed In The Octagon (SFT028):
Side A:
Woe is the Transgression I
Behind the Bank
Betrayed in the Octagon

Side B:
Woe is the Transgression II
Parallel Minds
Laser to Laser

Zones Without People (SFT029):
Side A:
Computer Vision
Format & Journey North
Zones Without People

Side B:
Learning to Control Myself
Disconnecting Entirely
Emil Cioran

Russian Mind (SFT030):
Side A:
Physical Memory
Grief and Repetition

Side B:
Russian Mind
Time Decanted

Drawn And Quartered (SFT031):
Side A:
Lovergirls Precinct
Ships Without Meaning
Terminator Lake
Transmat Memories

Side B:
A Pact Between Strangers
When I Get Back From New York
I Know It’s Taking Pictures from Another Plane (Inside Your Sun)

The Fall Into Time (SFT032):
Side A:
Blue Drive
The Trouble With Being Born
Sand Partina

Side B:
Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments
Memory Vague
KGB Nights

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Zones Without People $15.00

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Russian Mind $15.00

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Drawn and Quartered $24.99

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The Fall Into Time $15.00

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