Oneohtrix Point Never

Dog In The Fog: "Replica" Collaborations & Remixes

June 12, 2012 Software

On 2011’s Replica, Daniel Lopatin — aka Oneohtrix Point Never — turned a world of samples into one of the year’s most acclaimed albums. To follow up, we’re happy to announce Dog in the Fog – ‘Replica’ Collaborations & Remixes as a digital EP featuring new edits and remixes of “Replica”, “Remember” and “Nassau” by a handful of OPN’s friends and favorites.

Lopatin approached Limpe Fuchs to contribute vocal and viola parts to the album’s namesake centerpiece, having been influenced by her 1987 electroacoustic record Via. The parts were then handed to Matmos to arrange, known most for 2001’s brilliant A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure, as well as their production work on Björk’s Vespertine and Medulla records. Another version of the title track features King Midas Sound’s Roger Robinson, whose affecting vocal is set alongside a new arrangement by Lopatin himself.

The EP also features versions of “Remember”, which becomes a churning percussive ember under techno legend Surgeon’s direction. Richard Youngs, another influential artist on Lopatin’s own work, concludes the the EP with a blasted, dirge-like vocal edit of “Nassau”.

MP3 $3.99
1 Replica (Matmos Remix)  
2 Replica (OPN Edit)  
3 Remember (Surgeon Remix)  
4 Nassau (Richard Youngs Remix)