No Joy – Ghost Blonde

No Joy

Ghost Blonde

November 15, 2010 Mexican Summer

The female-fronted noise poppers of No Joy are certainly content to mine the depleted fields of shoegaze and twee indie sounds for inspiration, the group creates a maelstrom of melody out of both, with a layered, fuzzy approach that incorporates big, clean riffage, anonymous vocals hiding in the background, and a considerable churn across memorable four-minute pop songs. There’s a great deal more structure in their work on Ghost Blonde than is found in many of their contemporaries, and their contemplative song structures work in favor to this approach. It’s the perennial box of chocolates filled with razor wire, but even the most fastidious of modern music archaeologists won’t see this one coming.

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1 Mediumship  
2 Heedless PLAY  
3 Maggie Says I Love You  
4 You Girls Smoke Cigarettes?  
5 Pacific Pride  
6 Hawaii  
7 Indigo Child  
8 Still  
9 Untitled  
10 Ghost Blonde