January 31, 2012 Software

Software Recording Co. is proud to introduce Napolian, 19-year-old producer and chief visionary behind LA-based production crew Renaissance Music Group. His debut release, Rejoice, is stately, direct, and stylistically interwoven. Rejoice runs the gamut of computer funk, ambient, and trance, but always retains a hard, synthetic R&B core.

The same way Napoleon III urged porcelain designers to reflect the historic images of the day as opposed to generic landscapes and classical nudes, our Napolian’s commanding dionysia of electronic music histories are dream-coated in digital resins and fabricated in the manner of a visionary metal worker.

What’s immediately evident in Napolian’s craft are the anthemic leads that tear across the conductor rod of 21st century hardware-based production. Napolian’s cyclonic smack of disparate yet logical influences sets him apart from the contemporary sidechain scene. The Harald Faltemeyer / Dr. Dre continuum on Rejoice’s “False Memories“ or the wormhole connecting Marcus Miller to Alice DeeJay on “Rejoice” represent a couple of the Napolian’s unprecedented stargates.

The songs of Rejoice aren’t fleeting screen grabs, rather riffs hard-ripped by hand on time-tested, Ikutaro Kakehashi-approved gear. It made us cry and it shook our skulls. Expect an LP from Napolian by 2014 on Software and grip the blueprint now. It’s ridiculous!

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1 False Memories  
2 Banquet  
3 My Refuge  
4 New World  
5 Ascension  
6 Rejoice PLAY