May 27, 2014 Software

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Napolian (born Ian Evans) attended Taft High School, whose alums include Ice Cube and Eazy-E. Whilst the stylistic legacy of gangster rap runs deep in Napolian’s music, the armature is that of a young producer writing his own tale without historical precedents.

Incursio is Napolian’s long-awaited debut album for Software Recording Co. A clandestine labor of love, the album was recorded gradually and with great attention over the course of two years. While honing Incursio’s core, Napolian also contributed his co-production and mixing talents to A$AP Ferg’s Trap Lord and the lead track on Kelela’s equally acclaimed CUT 4 Me mixtape.

The fifteen songs of Incursio build on Napolian’s first EP for Software, Rejoice, released at age nineteen and his ongoing work and experiences as part of The Renaissance Music Group alongside Dro Carey and labelmates Tairiq and Garfield.

At its core, Incursio is an instrumental beats record. (We here at Software lovingly refer to it as Encursducing…) What the album isn’t though is an egg hunt — no break record samples, no dust, no crates. No jazz rust, no deconstruction.

Incursio is far too liquid and stealth for those tired totems. “Is It Love”, “I’m Yours” and “INTernal” are uplifting and anthemic, while “Principalities” (featuring Garfield), “DARPA” and the album’s title tracks are pure West Coast auditory dystopias.

You can only describe “W (Dub)”, “4” and “Reminisce” as rubber funk™. For their part, “Escobar” (featuring Dezo) and “Ἰησοῦς” are confounding, cryotech dance tracks greased with weird detail layers that are at once highly plasticized and yet hooky and tender.

We see Incursio as a high watermark record for a young producer with a love of hip hop who has set out to make an epic that is bigger than the sum of its influences.

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1 Is It Love?  
2 W (Dub)  
3 I'm Yours  
4 Reminisce  
5 INTernal  
6 Principalities (Feat. Garfield)  
7 THERM.G (Feat. Dro Carey)  
8 L O B B Y  
9 1 Peter 1:3-4  
10 Escobar (Feat. Dezo)  
11 Peace & Safety / Αἰφνίδιος Ολεθρος  
13 Incursio  
14 Ἰησοῦς