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Marissa Nadler

Ballads Of Living And Dying

November 11, 2008 Mexican Summer

Marissa NadlerBallads of Living and Dying (LP/12”) We’ve been huge fans of Marissa Nadler for a long time (obviously) and when the opportunity presented itself to put out her first album on vinyl for the first time, we couldn’t pass it up. It contains some of her most beautiful and haunting tracks including “Mayflower May” and the Poe inspired/written “Anabelle Lee.” The album comes out a few months before her new album Little Hells is released.

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1 Fifty Five Falls PLAY  
2 Hay Tantos Muertos  
3 Stallions  
4 Undertaker  
5 Box of Cedar  
6 Bird Song  
7 Mayflower May  
8 Days of Rum  
9 Virginia  
10 Annabelle Lee  
11 Door Slam