Light Asylum

In Tension

June 12, 2011 Mexican Summer

At once brutal and romantic, Light Asylum exists in that space where industrial gives way to goth, where the city meets the outer regions under the cover of night. Four songs here on In Tension showcase Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello’s fluid synth pop attack that shifts elegantly from midtempo industrial dance to subliminal futureballads that are deceptively uplifting when considering LI’s relentless dark sheen. Calling Funchess a commanding lead singer is an understatement; there is a heaviness and attack in her vocal delivery that is downright sinister. This is contemporary synth pop to a tee that comes to life during their revered live performances

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1 A Certain Person  
2 Knights and Weekends  
3 Dark Allies  
4 Skull Fuct