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The Incomplete Triangle

April 9, 2013 Mexican Summer

Lansing-Dreiden was a musical entity shrouded in mystery and a best kept secret to much of the world over in the early 2000’s. With this highly anticipated and beautifully packaged reissue of the band’s most treasured ouvres, Lansing-Dreiden is finally set to gain the appreciation and attention they have always deserved” – Ariel Pink

Lansing-Dreiden is, by far and away, one of my favorite bands to come out of New York in the last 15 years.  I’ve tried to tell Jorge how big of a fan I am many times, but pretty sure he’ll never fully believe me.  I couldn’t on one hand, count the number of moments from their records that have dramatically influenced my approaches in creating music, and sonic production as well.  Suffice it to say, that few have succeeded since in tackling THAT level of creative ambition as well as they have – in both their music and multimedia presentations.” – Chris Taylor / Grizzly Bear

“The Incomplete Triangle” was played in our house every day for over a year. It somehow made the war in Iraq more understandable.” – Kurt Heasley / Lilys


Mexican Summer is excited to reissue the first three records from NY-based Lansing-Dreiden. The company have a diverse body of work which consists of forays into music, video, sculpture, drawing and writing. Originally self-released, and later released digitally and on CD between 2004 and 2006 through Kemado Records, these three records have been re-mastered, expanded and pressed to vinyl for the very first time.

The company’s 2003 The Incomplete Triangle LP, which was described as  “dreamy space rock… with a psychedelic metal twist” by Spin Magazine, has been expanded with a previously unreleased ambient section. A Sectioned Beam, an EP originally released in 2004 has been expanded with a previously unreleased, swirling 15 minute track called “Seaside”. The final reissue is 2006’s dense and ambitious The Dividing Island which was lauded by Pitchfork for morphing from “nighttime neon new-wave, replete with spitting drums, Caucasoid-funk breakdowns” into “mellow soul … and watery drone”.

The mysterious, oblique nature surrounding Lansing-Dreiden has not only earned them critical acclaim but an appropriately cult-like fanbase. As the company has stated, “all projects are fragmentary, mere stones in a path whose end lies in a space where the very definition of ‘path’ paths.” These reissues seek to illuminate these paths for original and new listeners alike. original and new listeners alike.

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1 Metal on a Gun PLAY  
2 The Eternal Life  
3 An Uncut Diamond  
4 The Advancing Flags  
5 The Missing Message  
6 A Silent Agreement  
7 Laid in Stone  
8 An Effect of the Night  
9 Glass Corridor  
10 I.C.U.  
11 Disenchanted  
12 Desert Lights  
13 RF-I  
14 RF-II  
15 RF-III  
16 RF-IV  
17 RF-V