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Langhorne Slim + Be Set Free LP Bundle


Langhorne Slim LP Bundle Includes:

  • Langhorne Slim
  • Be Set Free

One of the most endearing and standout qualities of Slim’s live shows is the sureness that one is always entering a genuine gospel-like musical experience full of little miracles. Be Set Free has captured this charisma and spirit -the “hold your heart” moments and “raise a drink” dance vibes shine throughout with lush string arrangements and the fine sonic talents of drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and new bassist Jeff Ratner. Langhorne’s stronger than ever vocals lead the journey blending his poetry through the beautiful chaos and bearing a wisdom that reflects a broken heart battling the perils of true hope.

Be Set Free is Langhorne’s most cinematic and cohesive effort to date. Slim has truly reached a point of light where these songs come from wide-eyed maturity and mastered craft.

Gut wrenching lyrics and gorgeous merry melodies-it would be easy to categorize it as folk, but this time-it’s much more complex than just that slice of pie. Sweet hallelujah choruses bleed throughout tracks like “Land Of Dreams” and “Say Yes” and turn to the darkness of blues filled “I Love You, But Goodbye”.

The eponymous release features 13 new tracks, which were recorded at the Great North Sound Society in Maine. The album was produced by Langhorne’s drummer Malachi DeLorenzo and Josh Ritter’s keyboardist/producer Sam Kassirer, who also contributed piano, organ and accordion. On the recording of the album Langhorne states, “This experience in Maine with Sam, Malachi and Paul led us to our most comfortable, cohesive and soul-shaking music to date.” The song “Sometimes” was produced and mixed by Brian Deck (Iron and Wine) at Engine Studios in Chicago. Additional players on the album include Paul Defiglia (upright bass), Dan Nosheny (tuba, trombone), Brian Deck (keyboards, assorted effects) and Jim Becker (violin).

Langhorned Slim - Langhorne Slim album art

Langhorne Slim - Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free album art

Langhorne Slim - Be Set Free


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