Lace Curtain

The 3rd EP

February 25, 2014 Mexican Summer

Lace Curtain is Mikey Young and David West from Total Control, Rat Columns, Rank/Xerox, Eddy Current Suppression Ring et al, exploring an electronic world of pleasure, frustration and sadness. Bedroom dancers, synthetic singers, basement kicks in a romantic void. Influenced by the Germans, the Italians, pale British button pushers, glamorous alien pop futurists, Mid-Western sweat, NYC disco dreamers, undercover kings and queens escaping a dull grey world with rhythm and noise, sound and vision.

The 3rd EP by Lace Curtain ushers in sounds both new and old to the Lace Curtain listener. A feeling of detached romanticism and dystopian fantasy hangs heavily over this recording, which was delivered to tape and hard drive in San Francisco, Melbourne and Rye, alone and together. “I Can’t Wait” and “Lover’s Fade” on Side A send affectionate yet fleeting glances in the direction of Chicago and Milano. A Korg from the past predicts the malfunctioning systems of the future. Pop is welcomed, confusion is courted. Side B drifts into headier territories. “Fortress” sweeps through percussive vistas and analog landscapes with the dream logic of an intoxicated tour guide, ending in rapturous murmurs. “Unfortunate Life” sends us down the rabbit hole of monolithic machinery and the abstractions of short-circuited lives.

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1 I Can't Wait PLAY  
2 Lovers Fade  
3 Fortress  
4 Unfortunate Life