Jesse Draxler


June 1, 2018 Sacred Bones

A 200-page master collection of poly-dimensional artist Jesse Draxler’s work throughout his career to date. Misophonia incorporates various mediums and styles from figurative painting and harsh typography to deliriously textural photography and collage.

Jesse Draxler has been exhibiting his black-scale canvases and moon-sick reality-collages both nationally and internationally since 2012. He is privately collected around the world and his most recent solo exhibition “Tire Fire” took place in September of 2017 at Booth Gallery in New York. As an illustrator his client list includes The New York Times, McQ Alexander McQueen, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker, among others. He is also an active member of his music community, and has created work for musicians like Zola Jesus and Chelsea Wolfe, and designed an album cover for Prince.

Through uninhibited prolificity, Draxler speaks to shaded worlds of confusion — exploring the nameless grey areas that exist between uncertainty and absurdity, fear and surrender. Within this space, obscuring overlays and allusive markings source their strength from darkness, and offer both voids and questions — making the false real, and the real unbelievable with a subtle sense of violence and vulnerability. Although masked, Draxler’s presence runs through a body of work that lives and breathes – searching for what is hidden under sheets of repressed subconscious, and confronting the heaviness of what lies within.

204 pages, Paperback
8.5 inches x 11 inches
ISBN 978-0-999609-90-3

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