Grails-Pharaoh Overlord-Black-Tar-Prophesies-Volume-5-Cover

Grails / Pharaoh Overlord

Black Tar Prophecies Volume 5

November 30, 2012 Kemado Records

Portland’s Grails (drummer Emil Amos also plays in Om) returns with Black Tar Prophecies Volume 5, merging the ornate and ambitious sound of their last full-length ‘Deep Politics’ with the murky experimentalism of the previous Black Tar volumes.

Black Tar Prophecies has served as a repository for their more idiosyncratic forms of composition where any experimentation that could yield deep-listening rewards was attempted and the results documented in volumes to be compiled later.

Black Tar Prophecies Volume 5 returns to one of the most aggressive sounds Grails has employed in the past by creating a sequel to ‘Belgian Wake Drill’, one of their most devastating and loved tracks. “Chariots” opens the LP and slowly spreads its dread-stenched atmosphere like polluted smog and features the return of Timba Harris, the composer/string section-within-himself who raised the bar of grandiosity in “Deep Politics”.

This volume is prepared as a split with one of Grails‘ favorite bands, Pharaoh Overlord (includes members of Circle) from Finland.

LP $14.00
1 Chariots  
2 Wake Up Drill II  
3 Junkie Blues  
4 Ice Station Zebra  
5 Suntio  
6 Palmu