Geneva Jacuzzi

Human Head

April 9, 2021 Mexican Summer

Human Head is Geneva Jacuzzi’s first total descent into musical madness. It was a hot day in the summer of 2003. After getting fired from her job for slacking and obsessing over music, she came home to find that both her 4-track and keyboard had broken and her storage unit had auctioned off all of her earthly possessions. It was a bad day. But something snapped. She knew then that she had to surrender to the fact that she was fated to be a weirdo for the rest of her life. That any attempt at a “normal life” would likely fail so best to just let go and dive into the swirling infernos of art making and not giving two fucks.

Human Head : 4 songs, 24 hours, a bass, a drum machine and a microphone. The recordings are lo-if but it was not intentional. They were all recorded on a single track tape recorder…. because that is all that was around. These songs are loopy, gritty and self indulgent. NOT intended to be heard but HAD to be made.

MP3 $4.99
1 Human Head  
2 Never Tired  
3 I Don't Care  
4 It's Great Not To Care