Futur Skullz

Futur Skullz

July 26, 2011 Kemado Records

Futur Skullz is a band from San Francisco, CA.

They are old dudes.

They play metal that is punk.

They are allegedly unimpressed with the following: pants, bands, money, mohawks, leather, spikes, weed wizards, marijuana wolves, muscle cars, chops, cred, music, life.

They wish they sounded like Anti Cimex crossed with Whiplash, but in reality they probably sound more like Bad Brains and Metallica.

But they fucking rule and crush everything.

They recorded a record in 2009 with Phil Manley at Lucky Cat in SF.

Back then they were:

Josh Smith Guitar (ex- Weakling, Fucking Champs)
Chris Newsom Bass and Vocals (ex- Face Down in Shit, Uwharria)
Christian Gonzales Drums (ex- Gargantula)

Now they are:

Josh Smith Louder Guitar
Chris Newsom Actual Bass and the same Vocals
Moses Saarni Faster Drums (ex- California Love, Look Back and Laugh)

MP3 $6.99
LP $15.00
1 Five Year Plan  
2 Waste Not Want Not  
3 Funemployment  
4 Night Killers  
5 Greetings From the Salton Sea  
6 Gun Fund  
7 Flat Effect