Eddy Current Suppression Ring

"Wet Cement"

April 14, 2010 Mexican Summer

All on their own, Melbourne, Australia’s Eddy Current Suppression Ring rose up from the ranks of anonymous punk bands of the dusty singles bin or myriad Myspace pages into a casual sensation. Their spiky sound and Brendan Suppression’s matter-of-fact vocals were like a fresh, cool breeze that blew away the stagnation and cobwebs of what punk had become at the end of U.S. tyranny. With three albums and a handful of singles to their name, as well as music awards and raging success in their homeland, they’re the kind of band that can treat touring America as a vacation, which should tip you off as to how they’d like to be perceived. This new three-song single does little to change that notion, channeling Wire, the Fall, and the greats of Australian rock and punk. “Wet Cement” philosophizes about life and support, while “Hey Mum” bests Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl commercial in terms of a real Mother’s Day gift. The single closes with ECSR chestnut “Through the Trees,” unreleased until now. Catch Eddy Current Suppression Ring in the USA this June, if you’re luck

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2 Hey Mum  
3 Through the Trees