February 19, 2008 Kemado

“UnonoU is epic sludge riffage and hallucinatory fervor…” – Entertainment Weekly

“The progressive modulation of hard rock penetrates your eardrums like an Ampeg hurled at you from a sixth floor balcony” – Anthem

“Darkly hypnotic…a chaotic psychmetal brew.” – Guitar World

Leaner, more at ease with its daunting, hyper-complex countenance, Danava’s music now possesses a smirking confidence both hard-fought and well-worn. You’ll hear it all over UnonoU. In the Cream-like interstitials of bassist Dell Blackwell on “Where Beauty and Terror Dance.” In Sparkles’ brazen, polyrhythmic synth leads that start “The Emerald Snow of Sleep” with a frigid, signal-lost pall of autonomous desperation ”“ one which surges to life with a barrage of metallic force, recedes into pinballing Moog bass, and revives itself in a righteous blaze. In the relentless leads of “Spinning Temple Shifting,” and the theatrical doom of “Down from a Cloud, Up from the Ground.” Those string and horn arrangements you didn’t expect to hear today flesh out the album with a degree of sophistication unexpected in this kind of rock.

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1 UnonoU  
2 Where Beauty & Terror Dance  
3 The Emerald Snow of Sleep  
4 A High Or A Low  
5 Spinning Temple Shifting  
6 Down From A Cloud, Up From the Ground  
7 One Mind Gone Separate Ways