November 7, 2006 Kemado

Danava might create music for themselves, but they’ve connected with an audience hungry for something intelligent, interesting, complex ”“ and heavy.   A short three years after forming somewhat casually in Portland the band is gearing up to release their self-titled debut on Kemado Records.

Whether the record’s release (on Halloween, natch) will catapult them to fame, fortune and headlining arena tours doesn’t seem to occupy much space in Danavas collective psyche.   The band is too busy focusing on the long-lost arts of musical composition and musicianship, as well as delivering the kind of visceral, epic live show that has already left a broad wake of overstimulated senses and blown minds.

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1 By The Mark  
2 Eyes In Disguise  
3 Quiet Babies Astray In A Manger  
4 Longdance  
5 Maudie Shook