Connan Mockasin

Live At Rough Trade

August 16, 2019 Mexican Summer

It’s early November 2018 and Connan Mockasin checks into Rough Trade East to perform tracks from his recently released album Jassbusters. It was just one man, his guitar and his intensity. This 20 minute mini LP features three tracks from Jassbusters and “It’s Choade My Dear” from 2010’s Forever Dolphin Love. The sound is sparse and delicate and all the better for it. Easily one of the best in stores ever at Rough Trade East and luckily it was professionally recorded.
MP3 $3.99
1 Sexy Man (Live At Rough Trade)  
2 Les Be Honest (Live At Rough Trade)  
3 Con Conn Was Impatient (Live At Rough Trade)  
4 It's Choade My Dear (Live At Rough Trade)