Cheeseburger – Gangs All Here


Gang's All Here

June 7, 2005 Kemado

While it’s one rip roaring party from beginning to end, Joe has a few standout favorite selections on this Cheeseburger EP. “‘Money for the Heart’ is one of my favorites – it’s kind of this fictional account of falling in love, getting a girl pregnant, being broke, and not caring about it. ‘Derby Day’ is one of the newer songs on the record – it’s a weird ‘prodigal son’ kind of story song, about somebody who’s just really fucked up, but somehow gets their shit together and is redeemed. ‘Gang’s All Here’ is another favorite ”“it’s this description of a really shitty bar. Just sort of pathetic characters and their time there.”

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1 Cocaine  
2 Girl's Room  
3 Easy Street  
4 Rats  
5 Gang's All Here  
6 Saturday Night