February 20, 2007 Kemado Records

In the grand tradition of party records such as License To Ill by Beastie Boys and Another Wasted Night by Gang Green comes the Self-Titled debut full length by Cheeseburger.   Essentially, the record is an ode to New York City and the love and drinking that comes with it.   Singer Joe says it best, “For better or worse – we are a drinking band and this is a record “about” boozing it up and all the jive that goes down with it (good times, bad times, falling in love, making an ass of yourself, getting dumped, the happy drunk, the melancholy drunk, the morning after, the morning after that, the morning after that, etc etc…” The final product is a raw and catchy record with songs like “Hot Streets”, “Money for the Heart” and the quintessential New York anthem “Do You Remember” that captures the “having the time of my life while trying to keep my head above water” feel of the city. So crack open a brew (or ten) and “Let the Good Times Roll!”

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1 Let The Good Times Roll  
2 Money For The Heart  
3 Interlude #1  
4 Easy Street  
5 Hot Streets  
6 Derby Day  
7 Do You Remember?  
8 Tiger  
9 Walkin' After Midnight  
10 Pirate  
11 Melissa Brown  
12 Rats  
13 Cocaine  
14 Interlude #2  
15 Gang's All Here