Carlos Giffoni


February 14, 2012 Software

Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan electronic musician residing in the New York City area for the past 10 plus years. It’s here where Giffoni established himself not only as a jammer but also as a curator of contemporary out music as label head / festival director for No Fun Productions. Giffoni uses modular synthesizers, custom-built instruments, and various modes of analog and digital synthesis to compose electronic music pieces for physical formats. He is also well versed and respected in the international improvisational circuit.

Giffoni’s recent work, as of 2012, focused on live analog synthesizer pieces in line with early cosmic electronic and techno music, while maintaining the harsher edge of his previous noise works. A perpetual believer in “no rules” jam creation in the face of stringent genrefication, Giffoni’s No Fun Acid project puts this belief into practice on Evidence, a two track 12” for Software Recording Company. Evidence stylistically reintegrates lessons learned with a new found and brazen song craft that few would expect from the tenured noise artist. The synergy of Giffoni’s monotone vocals with acid leads and pulses capes suggests something strangely erotic that was hinted at on the Adult Life and Severance records.

The killer surprise on Evidence is Laurel Halo’s manually mechanized piano and synth riffage on the title track. A refreshing look at experimental synth craft that is closer in nature to the explorations of EBM and industrial without relying on typical cold / masculine tropes, and couldn’t be farther away from the overly placating and demonstrative kosmische tendencies of late. Times change, disintegration is imminent, and here is the Evidence.

EP $10.00
MP3 $1.99
1 Evidence  
2 Desire in the Summer