Best Coast

Crazy For You

July 2, 2010 Mexican Summer

Only available in North America

Mexican Summer are elated to announce their latest artist and full length release from California’s Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno, aka Best Coast. Crazy For You  is a 12-track, twenty-nine minute collection of genuinely romantic sandy jams.  Hazy, dreamy and genre-defining, Crazy For You  proves that the impressive amount of press hype for Best Coast is more than warranted, especially coming off of her previous sold out singles on Group Tightener, Atelier Cuseaux, Art Fag, Black Iris, PPM and Eskuche.

LP $24.99
CD $8.99
MP3 $8.99
1 Boyfriend PLAY  
2 Crazy For You  
3 The End  
4 Goodbye  
5 Summer Mood PLAY  
6 Our Deal  
7 I Want To  
8 When The Sun Don't Shine PLAY  
9 Bratty B  
10 Honey PLAY  
11 Happy  
12 Each and Everyday