Ben Zimmerman – The Baltika Years

Ben Zimmerman

The Baltika Years

June 9, 2015 Software

Ben Zimmerman‘s The Baltika Years is a collection of recordings created between 1992 and 2002 mostly using a Tandy DeskMate computer.

When Ben solicited the Tandy tape recordings to Software in 2013, we were taken aback by how personal the music felt considering the palette used. It was like reading an abstract diary. The clues into Ben’s world (and there are many) are so stark and strange that they feel like monuments.

Reducing Zimmerman’s prolific output down to four album sides was a challenge. Much like the myth of the process-oriented painter in his prime, you get the sense that Zimmerman is subconsciously actualizing an artistic scenario that he may or may not be privy to.

When The Baltika Years is absorbed as a canon of work, a super-effect emerges which bonds all of his output. This is somewhat represented in the way we assembled the anthology, focusing on certain stylistic epochs that Zimmerman moved through over a decade of solitary experimenting and obsessing.

In many ways, The Baltika Years embodies the spirit of Software. It articulates a belief that idiosyncrasy is inevitable, and that human affect and technology are linked. One helps the other express something mysterious about the world.

Via limiting himself to one very specific instrument, Ben realized his own style — a monochromatic computer music that glows with the intimacy found in life’s barely audible sentiments, curios, and details.

Ben Zimmerman’s The Baltika Years will be released on June 9, 2015 in double LP and digital forms.

2xLP $24.99
MP3 $8.99
1 Phyllis  
2 For Mimi pt. 1  
3 For Mimi pt. 2  
4 For Mimi pt. 3  
5 For Mimi pt. 4  
6 For Mimi pt. 5  
7 The Scream  
8 Housed!  
9 Tropical Den  
10 99th Street  
11 The Space Jack Hummer  
12 Grumble Grumble  
13 Reverse Me  
14 75000multicolouredorgasmaticballoons  
15 Crystal Lake  
16 Redecorated Proto-Computations  
17 Da Chopp  
18 Yellow Daffodil (Burning Against A Grey Sidewalk)  
19 Chants  
20 Reso  
21 Mazer  
22 Life Without Liz  
23 One-Liter Plastic Bottle  
24 F-Trip  
25 Now I Am Numb  
26 Pausebreak pt. 1 PLAY  
27 Pausebreak pt. 2  
28 Pausebreak pt. 3  
29 Pausebreak pt. 4  
30 Pausebreak pt. 5  
31 Pausebreak pt. 6