Could Be You b/w Brittany Glasz

September 9, 2016 Mexican Summer

Guitars strummed with both confidence and a comfortable, settling notion form the basis of Could Be You, the second single from the Allah-Las’ Mexican Summer debut, Calico Review. Building off of the idyllic pop sounds emanating from California over the decades, Could Be You juxtaposes a racing beat and Pedrum Siadatian’s tasteful lead guitar twists against lyrics tinged with regret, as crooned by vocalist Miles Michaud. It’s a great example of what audiences the world over have discovered about the unique powers the Allah-Las hold over the craft of wistful, golden-hour guitar pop.

Limited edition of 500. Could Be You backed with Calico Review b-side, Brittany Glasz. A shop exclusive!

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1 Could Be You  
2 Brittany Glasz