April 15, 2012 Software

Software Recording Co. introduces Airbird’s Trust EP. Residing in Asheville, North Carolina via New York City, Airbird is the solo project of Joel Ford, one half of Ford & Lopatin. Trust is a 5 song EP featuring a patchwork of Ford’s influences. Oblique rhythm schemes, computer-funk, and oceanic pop drift song play off of one another to create a unique look at the contemporary e-music scene.

Obsessed with the dichotomy of big city culture versus the solitude of the American wilderness, Ford vacillates between studio life and the Appalachian outdoors. His City vs Mountains 12″ was a literal reference, a theme that continues on Trust in the form bisected and jagged elements interlaced with organic motifs. And although the EP feels eclectic, there is a glowing, somber core that fuses his techno pop into something distinctly personal.

12" EP $13.00
MP3 $4.99
1 Deep Dreams, Ltd.  
2 Royal  
3 Girl  
4 Goodnight  
5 Trust PLAY