"City Vs. Mountains" b/w "Rotating Cloud"

September 27, 2011 Software

Airbird is the solo project from Joel Ford, bassist of Tigercity and one half of Ford & Lopatin. After a split-cassette release with Megafortress on The Curatorial Club, Ford releases Airbird’s first single, City Vs. Mountains on his own label Software. On lead track “City Vs. Mountains,” cicadas buzz as Airbird exits Babylon on his computer funk quest back to nature. This 12″ is a road dog that packs a lot of punch. Get lost in the production intricacies or don’t and z o n e. There’s a remarkable clarity in the vocals that distinguishes Airbird from the contemporary murk pack, opting to actually belt in a manner befitting of early 80s McCartney or Paddy McAloon. If side A is a night of driving, “Rotating Cloud” marks the day’s return with sparse, delicate high register melodies and pulses which gradually give way to a midi locked safari of wildlife house. Enter zookeeper Al Carlson, Software’s engineer & mix guy yes ”” but he also packs a gnarly Alphabet City avant RIPPP when he wants to, and on multiple saxes.

The bird has flown…

12" $7.99
MP3 $1.99
1 City Vs. Moutains  
2 Rotating Cloud